Triple Boris is an indie dev studio focusing on video games and mobile applications. The company consists of nearly 10 people and is located in the city of Varennes, in the greater Montreal area. Simon Dansereau and Karl Tremblay are the co-owners of the company.


About us

Simon Dansereau

Computer engineer and founder of Triple Boris, Simon Dansereau is a true veteran of the video game industry in Quebec. He possesses more than 15 years of industry experience in his field. Simon has held key positions at both EA and Ubisoft, two industry giants.

Karl Tremblay

Singer for the popular band Les Cowboys Fringants, Karl Tremblay has always been passionate about video games. He collaborated on the television show M. Net on Musique Plus for 7 years. Artist and original idea man for Left-Right: The Mansion, the studios first game. At Triple Boris, Karl acts as Creative Director.


January 2016

Triple Boris takes on the services of Pierre-Yves Bernier, a talented programmer who recently graduated from Collège de Bois-de-Boulogne.

Triple Boris joins the Guilde, a group of independent video game developers in Quebec.


February - June 2016

In an effort to carry out all its new projects, Triple Boris brings on Marie-Eve Tanguay as administrative coordinator. During this period, the company took part in a few competitions (ADP Canada, Numix, Défi Osentreprendre...). It also won the local Défi Osentreprendre.

Triple Boris also announced Karl Tremblay's association with the studio. There is a noticeable increase in the number of followers on their Facebook page.


Combining Karl's imagination with the technical savvy of Simon and his team, Triple Boris wants to create new and interesting games. They hire three new programmers: Sebastien Darveau, Jean-Francois Brisebois, and Mathieu Lacasse-Potvin. Many employees get Unity certification, a multi-platform gaming engine widely used in the industry.

July 2016

As the company expands, Triple Boris moves its offices to Espace Novo in Varennes. It secured a loan from Futurpreneur Canada. To promote its various services and increase its business network, Simon joins the BNI Réseau Énergie.


August 2016

Triple Boris hires a new programmer, Paul-Etienne Belloncick, and a second artist, Samuel Charron. They also take on Francis Simard as an intern, who studies 3D modeling at Teccart Institute.

October 2016

In order to connect with members of the video game industry and discover the latest trends, Triple Boris heads to the Unite conference in Los Angeles.


November 2016

A few months before the launch of their game Left-Right: The Mansion, Triple Boris exhibits at the Montreal International Game Summit. Thanks to their creation, Triple Boris won first prize in the Indie Pitch contest presented by Loto-Quebec.

The Artist Kym Lapointe, a graduate from Cegep Limoilou, is added to the team.

February 2017

After many weeks of waiting, Triple Boris got some good news: They were awarded funding from the Canada Media Fund (CMF) for the development of a new game. They are on a short list of companies to receive this sort of financial assistance.

Triple Boris launched their game Left-Right: The Mansion at La Tulipe, Montreal. The media coverage for the launch is excellent.




January 2014

Triple Boris breaths life. Its founder, Simon Dansereau, offers his services as a consultant.


December 2015

Work on the game Left-Right: The Mansion begins. Triple Boris hired the artist Roxanne Grenon to help support Valerie Dupras, who gifted her artistic style to the game and also to the Plus Rien music video for the band Les Cowboys Fringants.